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  • 03 Jul, 2023
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What is the difference between personal Development and Life Coaching?


What’s the difference between Personal Development & Coaching?

One brain – Two brains 🧠 

That’s the main difference. You can’t coach yourself but you can develop yourself. Coaching requires the presence of another person. 

Both of them have a lot in common, and coaching is part of the personal development in the bigger sense. So it’s harder to distinguish between them, below are some tiny details to highlight the differences. 

Personal development (AKA self development, human development and self help) is the conscious process of improving one’s self. It usually includes activities of raising awareness, setting goals, and improving personal skills.

Personal Development can happen by attending a siminar / workshop, reading a book or attending a panel discussion.

Personal development trainers focuses mainly on three aspects: skills, knowledge and attitude. 

Coaching has a different informational flow, it doesn’t give you knowledge but rather insights. 

A good coach (life coach, career coach, executive coach.. Etc) will help you utilize the knowledge and skills that you already possess. It’s like the process of converting raw data to useful information. 

A coach will help you find the answers by asking powerful questions, a coach can help you create and achieve your goals. A coach will help you personalize useful practice and routine. 

The ultimate goal of coaching is to utilize your full potential while the ultimate goal of personal development is to become a better person.



M.Moamen El Magedy

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